Below is a list of the general pricing for booking a portrait session or event. These prices do vary depending on location.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding these prices.


Portrait Session



The $125 only covers the session itself. It is on location. Location fees beyond 20 miles do apply. The cost does not include the digital images, to purchase those is an additional $300



Event cost varies depending on the length of the event, but starting point is $400 for a 2 hour event. Any additional time may be purchased.


Birth Event


Due to Covid restrictions on Birth Photography has changed... but I do still offer it. Depending on where you give birth, will determine if it is allowed. Ask your practice before hand to inquire about photography. Then e-mail me for more inform


I do offer weddings on occasion, depending on size of event and location.


Travel cost apply to any location 20 miles from my home. .65 cent per mile after 20 miles will be added to the cost of the session.